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Handling Hazardous Materials Is Easier Than Ever


Keeping your employees safe while handling hazardous materials is easier than ever, thanks to NorthEast Hazmat Inc. As the distributor of the EZIVac Pump line in the USA, we take pride in helping minimize the danger of hazmat spillage in the workplace by providing state-of-the-art equipment that makes liquid collections, cleanups, and transfers smooth, safe, and secure.

EZIVac XL(Vacuum In and Pump Out)

Your compressor needs to have a free air delivery capacity of:

Minimum of 707 LPM (25 CFM) @ 100 PSI

For Best Performance: 850 LPM (30 CFM) @ 100 PSI

The Reversa function may not work correctly if the flow rate is less than 850 LPM (30 CFM). Depending on the brand, this is usually a compressor with at least 13hp.

You will be able to vacuum 

up to:

150 LPM (40 GPM)

With a vertical suction lift of 

up to:

3.5 M (11.5 ft.)

You will be able to pump 

out up to:

105 LPM (28 GPM)

With a vertical pumping lift 

of up to:

3.0 M (9.8 ft.)

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