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A Safe Way To Render Electric Vehicles Safe!!


Emergency services who arrive on scene first, insert the Emergency plug into the charging port of the vehicle. The plug creates the impression to the software of the vehicle, that the car is in a loading station. In every car around the world, software is installed letting the vehicle know it is charging and does not leave can drive. Every manufacturer should have incorporate the same protocol so that serious damage to charging stations and electricity grid is prevented. The Emergency plug is equipped with two different plug types (type 1 & type 2). With this one plug you can operate all types block plug-in cars against driving away. Using the Emergency plug is so easy to use that no training is required.


The E-plug is certified and safe to use, because you do not use the high voltage part.

The E-plug meets all standards set to meet the safety marks. The plug is designed in such a way that the high voltage pins are omitted so that you can never come into contact with higher voltage.

The E-plug is universal and fits on every plug-in car, bus and truck worldwide.

We have built 2 types of plugs in 1 plug so that you never have the wrong plug with you and do not have to think about it..

The E-plug has a self-test function.

Every rescuer must be able to rely on his tools, so we have built a self-test on the printed circuit board, so that every rescuer can perform this test before using it. When the LED lighting turns green, the test is positive and the rescuer knows that everything has the correct values.

The E-plug visually shows its operation.

When the plug has been placed after a positive self-test, you as a emergency responder want to know whether the E-plug does its job after it has been placed, because it is possible that something is no longer in order on the car side due to the impact. Therefore, the LED lighting will turn blue when it makes contact with the vehicle and can be seen from a distance by the lighting.

The E-plug Has a send function for opening the charging cover of Tesla model dark as standard covers of the charging point of Tesla’s open electronically. The E-plug sends out this code when the self-test button is pressed, this opens the cover of the Tesla.

The E-plug cannot be locked against removal.

Normally when a charging plug is inserted, it will lock itself. The E-plug cannot be locked and is therefore always removable even if the voltage part is switched off.

The E-plug has the possibility of firmware updates.

Because technology moves quickly, the E-plug has the possibility to update its software when there is a change in values ​​in the automotive industry. Reading out for an annual inspection is also an option.

In the future, the possibility to recognize thermal runaway.

We have built the technology into it, but manufacturers have yet to release this in their software.

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Emergency Plug 

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